Church of Saint-Nicolas, Caen


The original purity of Norman Romanesque style architecture

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Founded circa 1083 by the monks from Saint Etienne de Caen, the church of Saint Nicolas was the great abbey’s tenants’ parish church. Its original purity has but been slightly altered with the later addition of features involving the south tower, the chevet roofing and the nave vaults. The two-tower harmonic facade with narthex (of which the north tower is unfinished), with an inward facing tribune, borrows as many features from Saint Etienne (the Men’s Abbey) as it does from Sainte Trinité (the Ladies’ Abbey) or the Abbey of Jumièges. The long and high nave with large arcades opening onto the side aisles is typical of Norman style proportions with a three-tier lateral elevation. The transept and the choir, in particular, with the lantern tower and the arrangement of volume between the apse and the apsidioles, form an austere yet harmonious masterpiece of acoustic accomplishment.

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Eglise Saint-Nicolas
Rue Saint-Nicolas
14000 CAEN

Tel : 02 31 27 14 14

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