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Rochester Castle’s massive great keep looms on the skyline above the River Medway, together with the inseparable and strking twin, Rochester Cathedral. 113 feet high and 700 feet square, with 12 fee-thick walls in places, it is one of the tallest in England.
The first Roman fort built on or near the present-day site. As the lowest crossing point over the Medway, it was used by legions travelling from Dover to London via Walting Street. One of William the Conqueror’s best architects, Bishop (Gundulf), began construction of the castle in 1087, using the vestiges of the original Roman city walls. In 1127, Henry 1 granted custody to William de Corbeil Archbishop of Canterbury and builder of the great keep. Its 14th century aspect is depicted on a model in the chapel.
Rochester castle, on of England’s finest and best-preserved examples of Norman architecture, boasts an eventful history, falling victim to several pivotal sieges in Norman times.

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Château de Rochester
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